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US Virgin Island is a group of several islands in an Archipelago in the United State. At first The US Virgin Island is inhibited by Arawak, confidant and boney people. Christopher Columbus gives the first name in 1493. During the seizure of terrorism Denmark turn the island into royal colony in 1754. Among some countries that joined the struggle of The US Virgin Island are French, Denmark, Spanish and England. Denmark built a number of successful businesses in sugarcane of forced labor from the locals. However, after the abolition of slavery, Denmark has feeling that it is no longer profitable. Denmark was trying to sell it to America, but unable to found the proper negotiation. So the ownership of US Virgin Island still remains on hands of Denmark, until the First World War.

US Virgin Island – Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Virgin IslandAmerican would eventually go on to buy the island for fear it will become a haven for German. The agreement between the US and Denmark signed on 17 January 1917. After the formal ownership belongs to America on 30 March 1917, the Americans gave the name The US Virgin Island. And 10 years later, the government gave United State citizenship to local people.

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The US Virgin Island can be said is a heaven for the natural resources. There are some famous island like St Thomas, St John and St Croix. These all three have a natural beauty that is extraordinary, in addition to the warm blue water, white sand beaches, and natural beauty we can get all facilities that we want during our trip.

St Thomas is the second largest island in the US Virgin Island which has a size of 32 square miles. It is the capital city of Charlotte Amalie. If we go to St Thomas we should not hesitate to shopping around, because there are along the coastal main street that sell goods, jewelry, perfume, and even locally made item. While in St John is the smallest one, here we will found virgin island national park. It is a quite place with beautiful scenery that is best for natural lovers. St Croix is famous for its rich culture and history, including the first largest in The US Virgin Island.

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