Taj Mahal Seven Wonder Of The World Agra, India

I don’t know why people call Taj Mahal a symbol of love. I know Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan (Mughal Emperor in India in 16’Th century) in memories of his beloved wife but some facts i want to share with you. Mumtaz Mahal was Shah Jahan Third wife and she died during give birth to her 14’Th child.Shahjahan also marry after Mumtaz Mahal and have many kids from his other wives. In this all situation i can’t figure out any extreme love which encourages him to make this wonder for his wife.

Taj MahalBeside this we know, all Mughal Kings love architect as we can see many symbols of art which was built In their regime. In my opinion he built Taj Mahal and on the death of his wife he give it the name on her name as she was not just his wife but also a best companion.

Taj Mahal was completed in 1653 it took 22 years and 21000 laborers work for it. The material use in it was bring from all around the India, China, Afghanistan and Sirilanka there are one thousands elephant used for bring the material.

Taj Mahal is also different as the main structure build from white marble rather than red stone as we see on maximum tombs and monuments of Mughals. At the time of British Government many of the precious stones and Lapis Lazuli (a blue color rarely found expensive stone) was out from the wall but later the Government maximum restore the beauty of Taj Mahal.Taj_Mahal-India

Taj Mahal is now considers as a seven wonder of the world and become a UNESCO World Heritage site. More than two million tourists visit Taj Mahal every year which also include many foreigners. There is an entrance fees which is a bit lower for local travelers and most expensive for overseas. If you want visit here best time is October, November and February, March as the weather is little cooler in Agra.

You can found easily a cheap accommodation in Agra and all kind of foods also available. Avoid to visit on Fridays and Ramadan as the complex may be closed for prayers or for security reasons. You need to park your car far away as Government consider the area pollution free either you can reach to Taj Mahal by walk or using Electric Train. Just your camera a small purse and a bottle of water allowed which you can bring inside.

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The shadow in the water look awesome.Taj-mahal-wallpaper

Taj Mahal Wallpaper for your desktopTaj_Mahal_Interior_Hall

Taj Mahal Main Interior hall which use as mosque for taking prayerTaj_Mahal_india

The garden is very beautiful in surrounding areaTaj Mahal photo at Night

Taj Mahal is open for night views only on full moon daysTaj Mahal inside view

Great classical wall pairing which increase the beauty of its interior decoration.

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