Statue Of Liberty – A Symbol For Democracy And Freedom

One of the best attractions of New York City is the statue of liberty (lady Liberty, sometimes it is called affectionately). Statue of liberty is the first image that appears in the people mind when they think of New York. It was erected on a small island near New York, which is now called the Liberty Island, since 126 years ago. The statue’s has seven spikes, symbolizing the Seven Seas across the world where liberty should be spread. In her left hand she is holding the Declaration of Independence and in her right hand a torch, symbolizing the Enlightenment. It is symbolized for Freedom and democracy in the whole world. It is also on the list of UNESCO world’s Heritage list.Statue Of Liberty

It was a gift from the France to the people of America to recognize their long term relations with them on the 100th independence day of America. It was designed by a French Sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. The statue is 46.5 meters tall and with its base it reaches to a total height of 93 meters. To take a great view of the New York there are 354 stairs from inside the statue to the top. If you plan to visit this historical place, it is best that you reserve tickets well in advance to enter the statue’s base and its crown.  You’ll have to go through a ferry service provided by the statue cruise as all other ferries are not allowed to dock at the liberty island and it almost cost 17$ for 13+ adults. The park is being administrated by the National Park Service.

Park Rangers provide guided tours throughout the day and brief the visitors about why and how statue was made, the islands history. So if you ever find a chance to go New York, must visit this historic place. It would be a great treat for peoples having some interest in the history!!!Statue of Liberty crown

Statue Of Liberty the inside of the crownStatue of Liberty seen from the Circle Line ferry, Manhattan, New YorkStatueLiberty

  Statue Of Liberty a cultural symbol of New YorkStatue of LibertyStatue Of Liberty with Torch in hand


Statue Of Liberty a view from side Manhattanstatue of liberty

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