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St. Pete Beach is the name of the coastal town in Pinelass County, Florida, United State. St. Pete Beach is actually made up of several cities that do not relate to Pinellas County, such as Pass a Grille, Don CeSar, Belle Vista, and St Peterburg Beach. St. Pete Beach is one of the best tourist destinations.

It has first name as St Peterburg Beach and than in march 9th 1994, the locally residents choose to abbreviate the name to St. Pete Beach to distinguish the town St peter burg that had located a few mile in the east of it. The center city of St. Pete Beach is around the Corey Avenue.white sand beach Florida

St. Pete Beach located throughout the Long Key, a barrier island on the eastern edge of the central Gulf of Mexico. There are three Bridges leading into the city, connecting it to Treasure Island, South Pasadena, and Bay-way Isles. Exactly 20 miles from Clear water Beach there is St. Pete Beach with the pristine waters white sand, and sunshine throughout the year, also has many recreational options, shopping and restaurant.

St. Pete Beach city is home to 10,032 people which is also home to the famous winter place for the American people who live in other parts, as well as those in Canada and Europe. There is also Upham Beach that perfect for playing sand, and also a mellow Bay and public beach across from the Dolphin Plaza which is not bad.

The second thing that you can find in the St. Pete Beach is some of the unique places such as Don Loews Cesar Hotel that shaped like a fortress, and the famous Gulf Coast, and Mediterranean Buildings that has Revival style and soft pink color.

You can also shop at some stores such as vegan mekkah, eclectic boutiques, designer jewelry, and eating in the Seafood Restaurant Hurricane that located not far from the beach. The local fairs, which are held every Sunday of the month of October to April that usually called Art Mart. Another things that you can find in St. Pete Beach is Corey Avenue and Beach theater.St.Pete Beach attraction
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