Sea World Theme Park And Sea Aquarium, United States

If we heard the name Sea World, we will think about the wide sea. A company with name Sea World Theme Park and Entertainment, build three largest parks in America. There is Sea World San Diego which is an animal park, sea aquariums and marine mammal park, located in San Diego, California, United State.

Sea World park

Sea world San Diego is an accredited member of the “Association Zoos and Aquarium” or known as (AZA).  In Orlando is the theme parks, marine parks based on zoology, located in Orlando, Florida, United state. It will form a complex place when combined with Discovery Cove and Aquatic Watermark. The third is Sea World San Antonio (that earlier ones was Sea World Texas), it is a park where mammals, Oceanarium, and animal theme park located in Westover Hills District of San Antonio, Texas, United State.

Sea world San Antonio is the biggest one in the world. And include in the Alliance Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums or can known as AMMPA also accredited member of the “Association Zoos and Aquarium” or known as (AZA).
When you go to San Diego you will see some of the attractions such as Bayside Sky ride that travels over Mission bay for a 6-minute ride, the only VonRoll Skyride that travels over a body of salt water.

You can also enjoy Rocky Point Preserve, Sea World Sky Tower, Sesame Street Bay of Play, Shipwreck Rapids, Liar Arktik, saver Riptide, Manta and etc. There are some animal that exhibited, such as Dolphin, killer whales, pacific walrus, penguins, Beluga Whales, and Polar Bears.

Sea World park Big fish

In Orlando park visited by 51 million people become ninth most visited place in America. There are some rides that we can ride there, such as kraken or floorless roller coaster, manta or fly roller coaster, Shamu Express, Sky Tower, Sea Carousel, Swishy Fishies, Flying Fiddler and Paddle Boats, etc. The animal exhibition also held here, there are Penguin Encounter, Shark Encounter, Pacific Point Preserve, Dolphin Cove, Stingray Lagoon, Dolphin Nursery, and Flamingo Point and Pelican Preserve available in the park.

In the Sea World San Antonio you can find some shows and exhibitions including One Ocean. The Row Cannery Caper or known as Seal and Sea lion Stadium, sky stadium, Penguin Encounter, Seal & Sea Lion Community, The Coral Reef, Alley Alligator and Flamingo Cove, etc. So where do you want go?

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Sea World park

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sea world theme parks


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