Puerto Rico The Most Attractive Island In The Caribbean

Puerto Rico is the land of long white sand beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains and many other nature wonders, overall it is the most attractive island in the Caribbean.  Puerto Rico located between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean and in the east of Dominican Republic. It is a USA territory and the head of state is the president of United States. The capital is San Juan and official currency is US Dollar.

What to Do at Puerto Rico?puerto rico island

Puerto Rico is place for all kind of fun which you can expect from your journey. You enjoy history or culture, adventure or sports, or you just nature lover or want explore nightlife, fun and romance just take your bags and visit Puerto Rico all fun waiting for you. Beside all these wonders Puerto Rico is also very safe and sound. The people are very friendly and civilized as you will get the environment same as in other major USA states.

There are many cultural and historical heritages to see in Puerto Rico, your one visit is not enough to explore all. There are also many nature wonders waiting for you, Puerto Rico have amazing rain forests, mountains, underground caves and Bio-luminescent Bays.  Puerto Rico music also become very popular in the world, you will believe it or not its the home town of great singer Ricky Martin.

Puerto Rico FoodPuerto Rico food

If we talk about food Puerto Rico is the largest and best rum producer in the world. puerto Rico coffee is also very popular as its serve in white house at breakfast. There are many foods which you will love to eat again and again. You can imagine the popularity of food as the major restaurants now offering Puerto Rican cuisine in other places of USA, so now you can also eat these foods in your home.

There are much more fun and enjoyment, if you need more information you can visit Puerto Rico official website  and can gather all information about your trip. Please share with us about your trip to Puerto Rico.Puerto-Rico-people

Puerto Rico known for their warm and friendly people.Puerto Rico island

The most beautiful and full of fun island in the CaribbeanPuerto Rico city

an overview of the cityPuerto Rico beach

Puerto Rico beautiful white sand beachPuerto Rico at night

A breath taking view of sunset.puerto rico

Puerto Rico also have many lakes which all are men made.Puerto Rico usa


The world most beautiful tropical island.

Not satisfy with all these pictures? Here is the Puerto Rico travel video hope you will enjoy it.

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