Oslo Norway An Expensive City

Oslo is the capital and most populous city in Norway. It’s serving as a center of commerce, industry and shipping  in Norway. It is also an important city in the European maritime trade. Oslo is included in the list of most expensive cities in the world through multiple surveys. Besides, Oslo Norway has several parks and green areas in the city center, or outside.the great view of Oslo Norway

One is Frogner Park is a largest and most famous park in Norway with the collection of Gustav Vigeland Sculpture located not far from the city center. The Bygdoy is a vast and green area, commonly called the museum of Oslo peninsula, surrounded by the beautiful sea. ST Hanshaugen Park is an old public park located in the city of Oslo high hill. There is also a park that stretches back Toyen munch museum, which is a vast expanse of lawn.

For its history, the city of Oslo was founded in 1048 by King Harald III, after being destroyed by fire or a fire in 1624 the city was moved closer to the castle Akerkeus under the reign of King Christian IV. Then in respect to rename the capital to Kristiana on January 1, 1838, when it was the name of the original Norwegian restored. For the Oslo cityscape has been rebuilt as a modern city with a new financial district and a cultural city. Oslo was crowned as the second greenest city in the world and the most money the city livable.

As the capital city changed its name to Kristiana, almost no buildings suitable for government, realizing that Hans Linstow design a building to be named Royal Palace. Not only is it for a road linking the palace to the city he designed the Karl Johans gate. Now Oslo organized by the Mayor Stian Berger Rosland called that have the same position as the role of prime minister.beautiful city view

From Oslo city also many born artists, writers, and even international artists. Of course, with the help of government aid money in large quantities in the culture installations, facilities, and buildings that encourages local as well as international artists.

In the field of culture has several advantages including Oslo museum or gallery has a very famous munch museum, except that there are several events and festivals held in the city. Oya Festival is the biggest festival in Oslo which followed 60,000 people and lasted for 4 days. There are also several art performances held at the largest theater in Norway.best attraction

Oslo Norway

Oslo Norway

Oslo Norway

Oslo Statue photo by Vic Alexanderfantastic view

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