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Montreal is a rich culture and second largest French-speaking city in the world. Montreal located in Quebec a province of Canada, it is the largest city in Quebec and second largest in Canada. French is the official language and 60% population mother tongue, but maximum people also can understand and speak both English and French. It is a commercial city and an important center of commerce, Finance, Technology, Culture and Design.

Montreal CultureMontreal city festivals

Montreal as called Canada’s Cultural Capital shares many cultural characteristics. It has a tradition of producing both jazz and rock music. The city has also produced much talent in the fields of visual arts, theater, music, and dance. Yet, being at the confluence of the French and the English traditions, the city has developed a unique and distinguished cultural face.

Historic Placesdowntown montreal

There are many historic area located in southeast side of downtown which called old Montreal or in French Vieux-Montréal. The attractions include Montreal City Hall, bustling Market, Point-e-Callie Museum and the Montreal Science Center. The largest green space in the city are the mountains which located in the heart of the city called Mount Royal Park. The park has very beautiful scenery and completely design from wood.

Montreal Travel Tips

In Montreal you will experience old and new style of the world together. Old 18’Th century buildings converted to 21st century skyline. Old homes now become luxury restaurants. In here you will found a wide variety of Hotels and restaurants, so you have choice to safe money. Public transport will cost you cheaper as the gas prices are high in the country. So keep you cars away and the public transport system will take you away where you need to go. The best time to visit is March to May and September to November as the temperature wills normal. In winter don’t forget to bring warm cloths and jackets as the weather will not respect you.montreal wallpaper

Beautiful view of the city in winter.montreal overview

A view of the island from the toppeople walking on road in Montreal city

Montreal is the second largest populated city in Canada and 15’th in the North America.montreal attraction

Very beautiful night view of this art of architect. Sorry i was not found the name of the building if anyone know mention it in the comments.Montreal Quebec Canada

The Port Montreal, the city is also a commercial hub of the Canada.montreal olympic stadium

The Olympic stadium with very unique and attractive styleMontreal city

City view from the lake sideMontreal, travel

Very Unique concept of buildings which you will never found anywhere in the world.

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