Golden Temple Holy Text of Sikhism Amritsar, India

Harmandir Sahib or as some local people call it Darbar Sahib but its also well known as Golden Temple located in Indian Punjab city of Amritsar. The Golden Temple was built in 1574 and after it it’s become the Gurdwara ( Same as Church or mosque a place for prey to God for Sikh Community) and central religious place for Sikh community.

Golden Temple Holy Text of Sikhism Amritsar, India

The Temple is surrounded by a large lake which water is call holly water and Sikhs giving it importance and take it with them when ever they visit here. The half of the temple above floors are planted with Gold so now people also call it Golden temple. There are four doors on each side of the temple which represent the humanity that people from any community can enter in temple and worship God.  The Interior is very well decorated with Fresco work and Gemstones which give it a very luxury and historic look.

Inside the temple people from any religious, sex, Country or color can enter but there are some rules which must follow if you visit this place. As Sikh believe Golden Temple is a holy place and everyone should respect it. Some rules are like drinking alcohol, Smoking or eating meat is strictly prohibited. People must remove their shoes and wash their foots in the water of the lake before entering inside the temple. Cover you head with a cap or scarf is also important bring it with yourself or you can get it while visiting the Temple.

If you are visiting first time you can get the information from public office beside the temple and don’t forget to see the Central Sikh museum on the entrance of the Golden temple.

Golden Temple amazing view at night

Golden Temple amazing view at nightThe temple stairs inside the lake you can wash your foot here.

The temple stairs inside the lake you can wash your foot here.Golden Temple amritsar

Golden Temple look like inside the lake great attraction for art work and historic places loversGolden Templeview from backside as you can see the doors on each side of the temple.golden temple interior

The Interior of Golden Temple Mostly Sikhs worship here.

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