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Oslo Norway An Expensive City

Oslo is the capital and most populous city in Norway. It’s serving as a center of commerce, industry and shipping  in Norway. It is also an important city in the European maritime... Read more »
Entertainment in Barcelona

Barcelona Spain Fourth Most Visited City In Europe

When you first heard the name Barcelona, of course that there is Barcelona FC in our minds, or one of the name of the football club. But don’t you know what lies... Read more »

Navagio A Unique Beach In Greece

Navagio Beach is the most unique beach in the world, surrounding by huge cliffs of white rock, with pure white sand and deep blue water. It’s the most famous beach in Greece and... Read more »
vatican city image

Vatican City The World Most Small Independent State

Vatican city is the world smallest independent state with just 44 hectors area and 800 population. It is situated on the Vatican hill, on the right bank of the Tiber River, within... Read more »
Croatia from Ferry

Split City Worth A Visit, Croatia

Split is a city of Croatia in Europe. It is the second largest city in the country. Split is also a traditional city and center of Croatian culture. As an intro regional... Read more »
Eiffel Tower garden

Eiffel Tower Cultural Icon of Paris, France

If you come to Paris you want to visit Eiffel Tower or not you will see this tallest tower from all over the City. Eiffel Tower was built in the end of... Read more »