Death Valley The Hottest Desert In United States

Death Valley is the name of a desert valley located in the eastern California. Hearing the word desert surely we can imagine is a broad sandy hot weather. The valley has the hottest temperature in the world and also very dry. Nevertheless Death Valley is home to one of the indigenous ethnic groups in America, formerly known as the Panamint Shoshone around 1000 years ago.

Death Valley: One of the Hottest Places in the World

Death Valley

The valley has a length of 130 miles (210 km) wide and between 6-13 miles (10-12 km) is surrounded by steep mountains. Some people still occupy this valley. American president named Hoover proclaimed on February 11, 1933 takes the Death Valley National Monument under federal protection.

Death Valley has become one of the amazing places in the United States, we can see some interesting things like the Artist Drive the rocks in which the mineral was stained with different colors in it, so it looks like an artist’s palette. There are also Devils Golf Course, which is a bizarre landscape consisting of extensive salt Krista’s, but be careful because just one touch to solve the crystal.

Besides Death Valley has 3.3 million hectares of stunning mountain views. Not only that, if you are like walking then this place is a good Death Valley parkchoice to visit, lots of mountains that can be climbed like Golden Canyon Interpretive Trail which has a length of 1.5 km. Natural Bridge Canyon were turned away road climbs through a narrow gorge and over a bridge and ended up in the dry waterfall. Wild flora and fauna that live there also vary, as some species of reptiles, birds and mammals are able to adapt to the desert environment.

The climate of this valley can reach 120 ° F (49 ° C) on June until September; the temperature was recorded as the hottest temperatures in 1913. The rainfall in the valley is very little, but the mountain is still quite high. Death Valley is not only a record for the hottest, driest in the world but is also listed as a place that has the lowest rainfall in the world.

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Death Valley

Death Valley Hottest Places In The World

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