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Bali is the name of one island in Indonesia. The island located beside Java Island which has a beautiful nature and beach. People who stay in Bali absolutely can enjoy the sunrise and the sunlight, that make many tourists come here to see it.  The people are very friendly to each tourist who is come there. Not only the domestic tourist available but also foreign tourist. In Bali you can also go to the Turtle Island. There are many Turtle live there, you can go there by boat you can enjoy playing, gift feed, and take a picture with all turtle. Not only turtle that you can see, there are many kind of snake, bird, etc. This turtle island it’s not too far from the famous Kute beach.

temple of the bali

If you go to vacation to Bali with tour of course you will meet a tour guide that will explain to you anything about here. The tour guide you can call him with “BLI” that name is used to call like a brother. The majority of people are Hindu religious, all the way you can see the unique and distinctive Houses. The native Bali so retain the original shape of their homes, their houses was not much different from their temple form. Due to believers of the Balinese are very strong, so it makes atmosphere on the island very mystical. But it became one of the attractions of the island, because you will not find an atmosphere like it in another island wherever it.

Most of the follower’s f Hindu funerals in here have many ways to bury one of which is cremation. If the cremation ceremony was held locals will help each other. They are very harmonious people. One very interesting thing that I think is in this area of globalization, people can maintain cultural authenticity. Bali undisturbed by foreign cultures entered in island. If you want to see one of the Indonesian culture you can come here to see the real Indonesia.

Bali Indonesia

Bali Indonesia Temple

You can call Bali with “Heaven on Earth”fantastic place in Indonesia


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Bali Indonesia


Do you know? Bali is very strong with Hindu culture but adjacent Lombok Island which is predominantly Muslim people, they go hand in hand with each culture. Many artists overseas or domestic who come here are so enjoying seeing the scenery and learning the culture. Interested to visit?Bali Indonesia

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Photos: Rice Fields in Ubud Indonesia Bali – panoramio by Michelle Maria (Creative Commons, Attribution 3.0 Unported)
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